Trust the right voice

A: Indeed. We’re battling the plagues of fear, fearmongering, grand-standing, power-plays and political spin. The truth about our nation’s actual pandemic condition is difficult to determine. Figureheads on both sides of the aisle have microphones in their hands, blasting their personal agendas, confusing us with “expert” medical advice (which contradicts itself hourly), and they are all hogging up the news cycles. What’s happening now is a deathly case of putting our trust in man’s opinion instead of God’s voice. Why aren’t all churches back to work fighting the good fight? Other than legal threats of arrests, I don’t know.

Posted 5/15/20

Dear Pastor,

Why aren’t all the churches back in session now? At some point we’ve got to trust God again!

The virus isn’t dead yet. Not since there are still statistics on new cases; …

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