Are taxes the answer? It depends

We have a state constitutional amendment on the ballot here in Illinois for the coming election. I have been asked to say something about it. First I should say that I am unaffiliated by party on this and many other issues. While I have commented here on political people and some of their actions, a look back over time will find that I am an equal opportunity critic of asses and pachyderms. Public officials that know me don’t like me much, which is fine, critics are not usually liked whether they are right or not. I am quick to praise good work, but you may not have heard me do it much which says more about how seldom it happens in public life than the lack of notice I give it.

Posted 10/9/20

We have an issue with income tax to decide. I did not frame the issue, others did, but I will try to sort it out for you as I see it. There are a few different ways that the state can tax us. We can …

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